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Logo image of the 4th International Conference on Functional Textiles & Clothing (FTC 2025)

4th International Conference on Functional Textiles & Clothing (FTC 2025)

FTC, a biannual conference, takes place at IIT Delhi in New Delhi and unites top scientists, researchers, designers, along with the textile and apparel sectors, to share the most recent scientific discoveries, design advancements, breakthrough technologies, innovations, trends, issues, challenges, and opportunities within the functional textiles and clothing arena. Since its inception, FTC has been held in 2018, 2020, and 2023, attracting participation from around 80 universities worldwide. As an exclusively in-person event, FTC has become a hub for the exchange of ideas and an excellent opportunity for networking among all participants.

The event is co-hosted by IIT Delhi, a leading technology institute, and the World University of Design, a premier institution for design education, highlighting the collaboration between technology and design sectors. IIT Delhi, host institution, is ranked as India's top engineering institute, with its Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering being at the forefront of textile education and research nationally. The World University of Design, located in Haryana, stands as India's foremost design university.

We cordially invite you to the upcoming International Conference on Functional Textiles and Clothing (FTC) in 2025, to be held in New Delhi.

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