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Code of principles

The AUTEX Code of Principles illustrates how our values and principles are applied in practice. We are fully convinced that compliance with these is a self-evident virtue for all members of the association. The Code contains principles as statements of responsibility, based on the understanding that the public good and the good name of the Association always come first.


We comply with the legal requirements and relevant policies that apply to our activities and functions
We do not abuse our privileged position for personal gain
We base our decisions on objective and comprehensible criteria
We avoid conflicts of interest or disclose them


We decide and act openly and transparently
We respect the legal provisions on privacy, data protection and copyright
We protect the data we process ourselves or have processed by others
We do not disclose confidential information to unauthorised third parties, either inside or outside the association


We create opportunities for members of the association to grow as professionals
We act honestly and trustworthy
We are fair and take action not to discriminate
We respect new ideas, inventions, creative works and the work of the others
We maintain high standards of professional competence, conduct and ethical practice
We foster public awareness and understanding of textile education and research


We aim to educate qualified persons, to integrate them into our community and to advance their careers
We perform our duties and responsibilities competently and on time
We treat others with dignity and respect
We deal with conflicts in a fair, objective and solution-oriented manner

Image of hands cooperating - photo by Krakenimages on Unsplash