AUTEX Research Journal


  • Quarterly journal
  • Access to the Autex Research Journal is free of charge and open to everyone
  • Full electronic journal (possibility of hard copy upon payment).


  • Publishing fees starting from 01.03.2020

    In accordance with the new publishing agreement the publishing fees will increase slightly from 1st March. Starting from 01.03.2020* the publishing fees will be as follows:

     €80, per initial manuscript page (250 words)

     €50, per initial manuscript page (250 words), if one of the authors is affiliated to the AUTEX Association.

    The specified amounts are net values.

    All charges, commissions and fees of payer's and drawer's bank(s) should be covered by the Payer.

   *the date of the article acceptance into the editorial manager (ARJ system for submission of manuscripts) is counted.


Global goals

  • The principal goal of the Autex Research Journal (ARJ) is to enhance the scientific textile knowledge for the development and viability of the European and World Textile industry.
  • The Autex Research Journal has the aim to play a leading role in distributing scientific and technological research results publishing original and innovative papers after peer reviewing, guaranteeing quality and excellence.