Registration Info

General Information on European Masters Programme in Advanced Textile Engineering

  1. Registering at one of the participating universities
    Students eligible for this Masters programme have to fulfil the entry requirements of the universities participating in the European Masters Programme in Advanced Textile Engineering.
    Students have to pay the registration fee at the university where they register.
  2. Students having a higher education degree (BSc, BEng, etc.) in textiles or related areas (mechanics, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, general process engineering, materials engineering, etc.) can subscribe.
    Decision of acceptance will be discussed by the E-TEAM members but is primarily depending on the participating university (universities) in the country where the student was last studying in a course relevant to the requirements of E-TEAM. It is at that (these) participating university (universities) that the student has to enroll.

    Non-EU students should enroll at one of the participating universities.

  3. Requirements for progression through the programme
    Attending all courses and participating in all exams is compulsory.
  4. Topics for thesis
    Topics for the thesis will be chosen by the students during the 3rd semester. The location of the project will be at the university of the supervisor for the topic chosen by the students.
    Topics will be based on proposals of the lecturers involved in the programme.
  5. Evaluation of thesis
    There will be three professors for the evaluation of the thesis, the supervisor and two other qualified lecturers from different universities participating in the course.
  6. Graduating
    Students having passed the 3rd semester and the thesis will receive a degree or diploma of the university where they have registered in accordance with local legislation.
    Students also receive an E-TEAM certificate issued by AUTEX (Association of Universities for Textiles). This certificate is signed by the heads of the textile departments/institutes of the host universities and by the programme coordinator.