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Prof. Pavla Tesinova
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Assistant Professor, Ing., Ph.D.
Technical University of Liberec
Faculty of Textile Engineering
Department of Textiles Evaluation

Pavla Těšinová graduated with her PhD in 2008 in Textile Engineering with her thesis in the multiscale modelling of mechanical properties of textile reinforced composites at the Technical University of Liberec. Her research interests are currently in textile materials, clothing comfort, transport properties of heat and mass in hierarchical textile structures and thermo-physiological properties of the sportswear, advanced functional textiles and fabrics under the maintenance process. She studied the influence of internal structure and interaction of components on the properties of the whole heterogeneous textile material.

She served as a vice-dean for Foreign Affairs from 2021-2020 at the Faculty of Textile Engineering. Her activities still include the coordination of Erasmus + mobilities, including KA02 projects. As a representative of the faculty, she participated in creating strategic development documents at the level of the city of Liberec and the Liberec region.

Pavla Těšinová participated in several national and international projects in internationalisation and Textile Engineering. She ran an individual postdoctoral project funded by the Grant Agency of the Czech republic for basic research projects. She earned experiences in short mobility programmes over the world, and the longest was 3 months of Erasmus+ training in the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece.

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