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Country Bulgaria
Institution Trakia University
Faculty Faculty of Technics and Technologies of Yambol
Address Graf Ignatiev 38, 8600 Yambol, Bulgaria

Trakia University

Trakia University is in the group of Bulgarian research universities. The University holds the prestigious 5th place in the ranking of the universities in Bulgaria. The main campuses of Trakia University are located in three towns in southern Bulgaria: Stara Zagora, Yambol and Haskovo. The Faculty of Technics and Technologies (the only one faculty of engineering of the University) is located in Yambol. The Faculty of Technics and Technologies was founded in 1964 in town of Yambol as an Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training. In 1997, the Institute was transformed in Technical College of Yambol and was included in the structure of Trakia University of Stara Zagora. In 2011, the Technical College was transformed in the Faculty of Technics and Technologies of Yambol. The Faculty provides high quality higher education and researches in engineering.

Over 700 students are educated in 8 Bachelor, 19 Master and 9 PhD degree programs in the fields of: Fashion and Textile Design and Technologies; Transport and Agriculture Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Electronics and Automatics; Computer Systems and Communications; Energetics; Industrial Engineering; and Food Technology. 
In fields of fashion and textile engineering, the Faculty offers one Bachelor, 4 Master and 2 PhD programs, which are with focus on the fashion design, pattern making and clothing technology.

The main research topics of the academic staff (1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, and 2 Assistant Professors) are fashion design, textile design, pattern making, development of pattern making systems, CAD systems, clothing technology, sustainable fashion.



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